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163,380 Square Feet of Opportunity.

The proposed Medford Sports & Events Complex is designed to be an indoor facility serving the City of Medford. Featuring two large indoor swimming pools, event space, and 8 full-sized basketball courts, the Complex presents endless opportunities for family-friendly recreation, sports programs, and business meetings.

Learn more about the proposed complex on the Medford Parks & Recreation website here.

Jobs & Our Economy

As Medford's economy continues to grow and create new jobs, the project is designed to address the immediate and growing need for employers to attract and retain employees.

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Sports &  Recreation

Modeled after the successful U.S. Cellular Sports Park, the 14,650 square feet of indoor swimming pool space and 8 full-sized basketball courts address a severe lack of recreation space in Medford.

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Public Health & Safety

The all-indoor facility is immune to bad weather and smoke days, making it not only a year-round destination for healthy activities, but a key resource for emergency preparedness.

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Tourism & Local Business

The complex is designed to serve as a regional attraction for athletic events and business meetings, giving our community the space it needs to grow and become a competitive destination.

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The Shape of a Brighter Future

Aquatics Center
Today, the City of Medford has only one public pool, Jackson Aquatics Center, which has reached the end of its lifecycle. Built in 1960, the antiquated seasonal facility falls woefully short of the community’s aquatics needs. Repairing and renovating the pool will not adequately address current service deficiencies, future needs, and expectations. The Medford Sports & Events Complex (MEDSEC) boasts 2 (two) swimming pools: one recreational, the other competitive.

Sports & Events
In Medford, grade school athletes are fortunate to finish basketball practice before 9pm due to lack of available court space. Medford needs 19 (nineteen) full-sized basketball courts to adequately meet all of the indoor recreation needs of the community for a variety of sports and programs. The MEDSEC begins to address this shortage by introducing 8 (eight) full-sized basketball courts and 19 multi-courts, and large amounts of gathering space.

MEDSEC Walkthrough Video

The architectural plan for the Medford Sports & Events Complex offers a glimpse into the proposed facility and how the floor plan will function. Do not be misled by the 3D renderings, the facility will be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Medford Sports & Events Complex